Ambassador Resources

You don't have to go it alone when you become a Construction Ambassador.

We have all the information and support you'll need to make the most of the opportunity.


Order career brochures and flyers

Having the right materials can bring your presentations to life and gives young people a handy reminder to take with them afterwards. Email us to find out more and order:

Help finding a degree programme

For more information on degrees and courses in Construction and the Built Environment please see UCAS.

Insurance advice 

Insurance is important but it doesn't have to be complicated. Here's a quick outline of the main points for ambassadors.

  • If the employer officially releases the individual to attend an event their employer's insurance should cover them.
  • If ambassadors are at an event that their organisation hasn't organised, the event and or venue's insurance should apply (ambassadors should ideally check that organisers carry appropriate insurance).
  • If ambassadors have not been officially released to work/represent on behalf of their employer then this may become an issue, although at the event, the organiser's and or venue's insurance should apply. 


Employers cover ambassadors under their insurance if you're working or volunteering under their instruction and during their normal working hours.

If you're working for another organisation, either as a paid employee or volunteer then their insurance would extend to cover you. It could be that you're covered under both your employer's and the other organisation's insurances. 

Apply to become a Construction Ambassador

  1. Anyone can be a Construction Ambassador; you just need to be passionate about the construction industry and willing to share your career experiences with others. 
  2. Complete the on-line application form to register.
  3. Training will be provided.

Become a construction ambassador

Request a Construction Ambassador Or Log an Event

  1. Request a Construction Ambassador or Notify us of your planned or completed event.
  2. Complete the on-line form to log your request.
  3. Your event details will be promoted on the events calendar and used to match against a local ambassador if required.
  4. Please note that any request giving under 30 days’ notice carries a high risk of not being fulfilled.

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