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Results Day 2021

What's next?

Thousands of people like you find happiness in construction.

How did you feel on your results day?

"I felt like this one day would lay out the rest of my future."

Bianca Wheeler - Site Engineer

"My life was going to be dependent on opening up an envelope."

Anjali Pindoria - Project Surveyor

"It was a rollercoaster of emotions."

Ver-se Abudar - Graduate Apprentice Engineer



What other options are there?

  • College is available for anyone who has left school, either straight after GCSEs or at a later stage.
  • Courses can be full-time or part-time, varying in length from weeks to years.
  • Flexible learning to suit you, practical or classroom based.
  • Gain technical, vocational and academic skills.
  • After college, the options available are to continue into higher education or look for an entry job role.

  • Offered in England to 16-18 year olds, T Levels are equivalent to three A-levels. 
  • T Levels are a two year qualification, designed to give the opportunity to gain industry experience and skills.
  • Funded by the Government.
  • Learning is split between the classroom and a practical placement.
  • Upon completion the pathways available are: entry level job roles, higher or degree apprenticeships or university.

  • University offers the opportunity to become an expert in your chosen field.
  • Available to anyone who has completed school and further education, it’s normally the first taste of independence.
  • Full-time and part-time courses available to any ages.
  • Variety of learning: lectures, seminars, individual study and optional placements.
  • After graduating, postgraduate qualifications are available or opportunities to seek full-time employment.

  • Work experience is a short-term opportunity to get a feel for a job role.
  • Real-life chance to shadow and assist industry professionals.
  • Adding work experience to your CV demonstrates transferable experiences within the field.
  • Anyone is eligible for work experience, although normally targeted at people who lack experience within the role.
  • Improve personable skills: Confidence, motivation, punctuality and independence.
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