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Principal Designer

Principal designers manage risk prevention during the pre-construction phase of a project.

Average salary*




How to become a Principal Designer

A degree in a relevant field may be one route to becoming a principal designer. Alternatively, combining work with part-time study towards industry-recognised qualifications, such as those delivered by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), offers another.

Once established in a building design or suitable construction role, specific training in CDM 2015 is essential for the role of principal designer.

What does a Principal Designer do?

  • Making appropriate design decisions during the pre-construction phase to ensure a project is delivered effectively
  • Securing the health and safety of those affected by the work on projects
  • Making Clients aware of their duties
  • Collating pre-construction information
  • Identifying how any information gaps will be resolved in a timely manner to ensure sufficient consideration of health and safety issues. 
  • Carrying out H&S specific design reviews throughout the design and construction phases of a project
  • Embedded in the project team and have sufficient knowledge to influence the project design


  • Newly trained Principal Designers can earn in the region of £30,000 - £35,000
  • Trained with experience, Principal Designers can earn in the region of £35,000 - £45,000
  • Senior Principal Designers can earn in the region of £45,000 - £65,000

Salaries depend on location, employer and level of responsibility, and salaries and career options can improve with relevant chartered status. 

* Salaries have been collected from multiple industry sources and have been updated as of 2019


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