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A fire protection installer applies or installs fire protection systems in domestic or commercial buildings.

Average salaries are in the region of £19,000.00 to £25,000.00. Salaries will vary depending on location / employer

Career Profile

A fire protection installer applies or installs fire protection systems in domestic or commercial buildings.

What they do

They install structural protection to the frame of a building, such as dry cladding, mineral sprays or intumescents. They also construct fire resistant walls and ceiling linings or install thermal and acoustic insulation, fire seals, cavity barriers and fire resistant ducting.  

Fire protection installers often use ladders and other access equipment so they need to be okay with working at height. They need to be able to follow technical drawings and plans as well as follow strict safe working practices.

Hours & Salary:

  • The work is both indoors and outdoors and is physically demanding
  • The average salary is between £15,000 and £25,000

Salaries depend on location, employer and level of responsibility. 


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Qualifications & Training

There are no formal entry requirements to become a fire protection installer, however many employers will look for GCSEs grade A-C, including Maths and English, or alternatives such as a L2 BTEC, Welsh Baccalaureate, WJEC in Construction or Scottish Nationals.

Additional training is available from the Association for Specialist Fire Protection in the form of an NVQ and apprenticeship pathway.  To search for apprenticeship vacancies in your area, visit the government's vacancy matching site, or in Wales, Careers Wales or Skills Development Scotland in Scotland.

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Career trends and forecasts

11,560 additional staff needed

The UK construction industry will need an additional 11,560 other construction professionals and technical staff (which includes fire protection installers) to meet demand between 2017 - 2021, according to the latest Construction Skills Network research (LMI). The majority of this demand will be in Scotland.

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