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Higher education (HE) lecturers teach the next generation of construction professionals in universities and colleges.

Average salaries are in the region of £19,000.00 to £55,000.00. Salaries will vary depending on location / employer

Career Profile

Higher education (HE) lecturers teach the next generation of construction professionals in universities and colleges.

What they do

This career revolves around teaching in lectures, seminars, practical demonstrations and through fieldwork.It is a rewarding role for anyone who wants to pass on knowledge, skills and a passion for building to students. 

Typical duties include:

  • Preparing class plans 
  • Developing teaching materials
  • Setting and marking tests
  • Assessing student progress
  • Adminstration work such as writing reports

Lecturers are sometimes employed in a joint teaching and research position. In a college, the focus of your work is likely to be on teaching, in a university the focus is research.

Hours & Salary:

  • HE lecturers on a full-time contract can earn between £33,000 - £43,000 a year
  • Senior lecturers can up to £55,000 a year

Salaries depend on location, employer, experience and level of responsibility. 


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Qualifications & Training

For most teaching or training roles you need a relevant degree (first class or 2:1), have, or be working towards, a PhD and to have had your research published.

To teach a subject related to a specific construction career, you need a relevant degree or professional qualification and several years of work experience in the field.

You can sometimes gain experience by taking on teaching duties while you are a research student. Some universities advertise opportunities under job titles such as Graduate Teaching Assistant.

A lecturer is able to complete a wide range of in-house training, and even external courses if they’re relevant to your work. Postgraduate qualifications, such as Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching (Higher Education), are also available. Sometimes these are compulsory for new staff on permanent contracts and can be done alongside your work as a lecturer. 

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Career trends and forecasts

The Higher Education industry is part of the lifelong learning sector. This includes community learning and development, further education, libraries, archives and information services, and work based learning. 

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