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Maintenance operatives keep buildings in good running order by carrying out general repairs and maintenance.

Average salaries are in the region of £22,000.00 to £28,000.00. Salaries will vary depending on location / employer

Career Profile

Maintenance operatives keep buildings in good running order by carrying out general repairs and maintenance. 

What they do

They don’t specialise in one area of construction. Instead, they do tasks associated with a wide variety of different construction trades.

Like many construction jobs, a maintenance operative can work anywhere – from private homes to commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices and shops.

He or she works indoors and outdoors and needs a good working knowledge of trades such as carpentry, bricklaying, plastering, plumbing and roofing.

Typical duties include:

  • Repairing roofing and guttering
  • Painting walls
  • Hanging doors and fitting skirting boards
  • Repairing or re-building walls
  • Fitting kitchens and bathrooms, and tile walls and floors
  • Undertaking small plumbing repairs and minor electrical tasks
  • Performing checks on security and fire appliances
  • Masonry work such as external walls or steps, laying slabs, erecting fences, laying vinyl flooring, and glazing and replacing glass

The role is physically demanding so a maintenance operative must be fit. He or she must also have good communication skills to work with a range of tradespeople.


  • Trained with experience maintenance operatives can earn in the region of £22,000 - £28,000
  • Self-employed maintenance operatives set their own pay rates

Salaries depend on location, employer and any overtime you may do. 


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Qualifications & Training

You do not need any specific qualifications but it helps to have the Welsh Baccalaureate, GCSEs at A*-C  in maths and English. These are not essential but can be useful for the calculations you do in the job.

A good way into this career is through construction apprenticeships, where you work towards NVQ Level 2 in Maintenance Operations. To search for apprenticeship vacancies in your area, visit the Government's vacancy matching site, or in Wales, Careers Wales.

In Scotland, there are jobs available in this occupation. However there is currently no funded modern apprenticeship route to entry. Visit Skills Development Scotland for information on Modern Apprenticeships.

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Career trends and forecasts

55,480 total people needed

The UK construction industry will need a total of 55,480 specialist building operative roles (which includes maintenance operatives) to meet demand between 2017 until 2021, according to the latest Construction Skills Network research (LMI). The majority of the demand for these construction jobs in the UK will be in East of England and East Midlands.

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