Have you ever looked up at a skyscraper being built and wondered how it all happens? Or how many different types of people worked on constructing the house you live in, or the school you go to every day?

Go behind the scenes and see what construction is really all about. Open Doors Week 2020 is a unique digital experience, giving you the chance to take an insightful, behind the scenes look at how the construction industry is building the world around us.

Whether you’re already interested in a career in construction, or you’re still figuring things out, there’s no better way to discover the diverse and rewarding opportunities within the industry.

Pursue your passion

Construction isn’t just a job, it’s a career, and it’s one where you can specialise in the areas you’re passionate about. Watch as environmentally-conscious designers and builders use state-of-the-art tech to protect our planet, speak to the crane operators that construct from 265 feet off the ground, and learn how history and archaeology play a huge part in our industry.

Open Doors Week runs from 16th-21st of March 2020. Digital resources have been put together so we can share our knowledge, passion, and experience with you, and show you exactly what it means to work in the construction industry.

Why not take part in the WOW show, an interactive magazine show? The latest one is a mixed sector lesson including construction https://www.thewowshow.org/, and last year’s construction special can be found here: https://www.thewowshow.org/construction-special/ 

If you’re a teacher, the lesson plans to accompany the show are here: https://www.rsaacademies.org.uk/projects/building-your-future/

This is your time to see what construction can offer you.