We love construction apprenticeships, so we’ve come up with a list of the very best things about doing one!

Four apprentices in hi-vis and hard hats

1. You can earn while you learn

An apprenticeship is a job with training and while you won’t be earning big bucks straight away, you’ll get a wage, learn new skills and gain recognised qualifications.

2. …and you won't rack up huge debts

Many university graduates have large student loan debts which take years to pay off. An apprenticeship is free no matter what age you are.

3. Gain hands-on experience

During an apprenticeship you’ll get practical experience. You’ll see the job done first-hand - and then be able to have a go yourself.

4. …and learn important life skills

Learn time-keeping, decision-making, how to meet deadlines and even the importance of a good night’s sleep! All will boost your confidence.

5. Gain a head start on your career path

Some graduates don’t know what they want to do. Once you’ve done your apprenticeship you’ll have a good chance of staying with your employer - and valuable experience for new construction opportunities.

6. Mix with new people from all walks of life

Apprenticeships are great for getting you out there and meeting new people, some of whom may become friends or mentors.

7. Enjoy the variety of construction

Many construction apprentices say that no two days are the same. On Monday you might be at college, Tuesdays on site, Wednesdays in the office… always great variety!

8. Travel the world

Experience the world with your construction skills, like plasterer, Lynsey Davies did when she went to Africa during her training and helped build a maternity ward at a rural hospital.  

9. …or use your skills closer to home

You can put your skills to great use in your community - like apprentices in Devon who helped a paralysed mum-of-four regain her independence by renovating her home.

10. You could compete at international events

As a construction apprentice you’ll have the chance to enter SkillBuild, where you’ll compete against apprentices in your chosen trade. The winners represent the UK at the WorldSkills competition.

11. Inspire others

If you love construction and want to tell everyone just how great it is, you can become a  Construction Ambassador and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

12. Go to the top

Apprenticeships offer huge potential for career progression. Take Sir Terry Morgan CBE, he started out as an engineering apprentice in a car parts factory and went on to be knighted for services to infrastructure, skills, and employment. Oh the places you’ll go!

13. Leave a legacy

As a construction worker you have the ability to build something that could last forever – a skyscraper, if you like to think big, or a project in your community, if you want to make a difference. Not many other jobs can offer you the same.

14. There's a job to suit every personality...

There’s more the construction than just diggers and steel toe boots. To find out what job would suit your personality, take our Ultimate Quiz. Or, to find a role to suit your skills, interests and qualifications, try our Career Explorer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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