28 October - 17 January, 09:30 - 17:00
Alconbury Weald
Someone learning to lay bricks

This free training course is for jobseekers and school leavers who want to take their first step into the construction industry and apply for an apprenticeship. The course will be delivered in a fun and practical way through project-based learning and development and you’ll learn lots from your amazing trainers.

The course covers:

  • Health & Safety in a construction environment
  • Preparation for work
  • Basic bricklaying
  • Basic plumbing and electrical essential skills
  • Rights and responsibilities in the workplace
  • Personal confidence

Course highlights:

  • Developing skills required to work in the construction industry
  • Real construction project with an employer
  • Work experience with potential to lead to an apprenticeship
  • Increased employment potential


  • CSCS card
  • Site ready, with some basic construction skills
  • Ready to apply for an apprenticeship with a construction company

You must be over 16 and bring photo ID and your NI number with you.

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