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WorldSkills UK is our competition partner for the Advanced level competitions, as well the UK's organising partner for EuroSkills and WorldSkills, and we work closely with them throughout SkillBuild. Advanced competitors can expect to receive communications and information from CITB and WorldSkills UK.

Competitor information

Competitors must be at least 16 years old from 1 September the previous year to register for a competition.

There is no maximum age limit, however for Advanced level competitors only those who are 22 years old or under at the time of the international competition will be eligible for selection.

For 2018, this means that only Advanced level competitors born on or after 1 January 1999 will be eligible to take part in WorldSkills Shanghai 2021.

As well as age restrictions, competitors must be eligible to hold a UK passport and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Employed in the UK having achieved a relevant UK qualification in the last 12 months
  • Studying towards a relevant UK qualification
  • Working towards an apprenticeship in the relevant trade in the UK.

There are two categories of SkillBuild competitions:

  • New Entrant - designed as an introduction to competitions, suited to those studying a Level 1 qualification
  • Advanced - the WorldSkills UK competitions for construction aimed at Level 2 and Level 3 competitors.

No, the competitor can be studying their qualification from any awarding organisation.

No, the competitor can be a full time student and still enter SkillBuild.

No, competitors are only allowed to compete in one skill at one regional qualifier, they cannot enter more than one competition.

Registration information

If your student has previously entered the Advanced level competition and won a gold medal at the UK National Final they are not permitted to enter a SkillBuild competition in a subsequent year.

If your student has been selected by WorldSkills UK for Squad UK or Team UK they too are not permitted to re-enter the competition cycle.

If you're not sure whether your student is eligible for entry, please contact us and we will be able to confirm for you.

Yes, although entry into competitions is different across some of these nations.

Wales and Northern Ireland

Preliminary competitions for some skills take place in Wales and Northern Ireland, and the winning competitors are entered into the Regional Qualifiers that take place in these nations. In Wales, there are some skills competitions that only take place at a Regional Qualifier level, if you are unsure as to whether or not your competitor can complete in Wales or Northern Ireland please contact us at skillbuild@citb.co.uk

England and Scotland

There are no preliminary competitions for England and Scotland, and competitors are entered straight into the Regional Qualifier competitions taking place in these nations.

UK National Final

Advanced level competitors for the UK National Final are selected from across all four nation's Regional Qualifiers.

When each competitor is registered for a competition they will receive a confirmation email including a schedule of the day and a tool and equipment list. We will also publish these on the website in due course.

Competitors can practice their skills using competition project drawings from previous years, available to download from our Resources section. These competition project drawings are also a useful tool for you to use within your training organisation to help select the best students to enter the SkillBuild competitions.

SkillBuild Regional Qualifier competitions are free to enter for competitors, however you will be responsible for covering any travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses incurred in participating in the competitions.

To take part in the UK National Final we will charge the training orgnisation being represented a £100 (plus VAT) administration fee towards the costs of the competition, however costs for accommodation and meals for competitors will by covered by CITB.

Competition places are limited and available on a first come, first served basis and are per training organisation.

  New Entrant Advanced
Bricklaying 1 2
Carpentry 1 2
Furniture and Cabinet Making 1 3
Joinery 1 2
Painting and Decorating 1 2
Plastering 1 2
Plastering and Drywall Systems n/a 3
Roof Slating and Tiling n/a 3
Stonemasonry n/a 3
Wall and Floor Tiling 1 3

Not all Regional Qualifiers will deliver all the skills competitions, and we ask that where possible all competitors from the same training organisation attend the same Regional Qualifier competition in your area.

Competition places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If the Regional Qualifier that you would like to enter your competitor into is full you can add them to a reserve list for that event. If another competitor withdraws after the competition has been listed as full, we will contact the first person on the reserve list to offer them a place (if they have not met their maximum allowance of competitors). Please email us at skillbuild@citb.co.uk

Places for competitions will be locked 5 days before each competition and reserve places will not be offered after this time.

Please note having a competitor on the reserve list does not guarantee that we will be able to offer them a place, and you should register your competitor as soon as possible when registration opens to avoid disappointment. We will not accept competitors on the day of the competition who have not previously registered.

Please let us know as soon as possible if any details entered for your competitor are incorrect, some of these details may not be able to be changed at a later date and will be much harder to action on competition day.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your competitor can no longer compete as there may be others waiting for a place. We will administer a £50 cancellation fee per competitor to the training organisation they are representing if we don't receive written notification of cancellation 5 days before the competition takes place.

Advanced level competitors will be registered using the WorldSkills UK registration system, and for any information not asked for on the registration form we will contact you directly.

Regional Qualifier information

Each competitor who takes part in a regional competition will receive a certificate of participation. First, second and third places will also be awarded, with a certificate and a medal for each, for each level of each skill. A summary of marks will be sent by email after the last competition has taken place and moderation has been completed.

Competitors for Advanced level competitions may have the opportunity to attend the 2018 UK National Final depending on their scores, and these invitations will be issued by email from Mid-August 2018.

We aim to hold competitions in as many regions as possible so everyone has an opportunity to attend a Regional Qualifier that's not too far away.

We're always looking for organisations to be part of the SkillBuild competition host network and review this every year. We will work with you on the organisation of the competition, as well as supporting you to attract visitors and create an event with a real buzz.

Applications for hosts for the 2019 competition cycle will be accepted from April 2018 and you can find out more on our website about how to become a SkillBuild competition host.

UK National Final information

After each Regional Qualifier the competition scores will be quality assured and moderated by CITB, and for Advanced level competitors also by WorldSkills UK. We invite UK National Finalists from Mid-August 2018, and publish the full list from September.

Please ensure that both you and your competitor give us an email address that you can access throughout the year, including out of term time.

Only competitors who take part in the Advanced level competition will be invited to take part in the UK National Final, in partnership with WorldSkills UK.

New Entrant competitors are welcome to enter the Advanced competitions in the following year.

Once all of the Regional Qualifiers from across all four nations have been completed, the results from each Advanced competition are added together, and finalists are selected from the highest scoring in this list.

To be eligible to take part in the UK National Final competitors must:

  • Have taken part in a SkillBuild Advanced level competition
  • Be within the top eight highest scoring competitors across all four nations

This means that winning a regional competition does not guarantee a place at the UK National Final, and conversely, those who have not gained a place at a Regional Qualifier may have scored a high enough mark nationally to be invited to compete the final.

There will be eight places available for each skill competition at the UK National Final, which will be made up of both age eligible and non-age eligible competitors for international competitions.

Each competitor who takes part in the UK National Final will receive a certificate of participation. Gold, Silver, Bronze and Highly Commended medals will be awarded for each skill at the awards ceremony on the last day.

Medals will be awarded based on the following:

  • Competitors achieving the highest score will receive a Gold medal
  • Competitors achieving the second highest score will receive a Silver medal
  • Competitors achieving the third highest score will receive a Bronze medal
  • Competitors achieving above the average score will be sent a Highly
  • Commended medal after the event.

A summary of marks will be sent by email after the competition has taken place.

Within skills competitions that lead to international competitions, the highest scoring competitors, who have scored above 65% and are age eligible, will be selected to return to the UK National Final in 2019 to compete in Squad Selection.

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