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Proseiectau Adeiladu Mawr yn y du

Throughout the UK, major construction projects are taking place that will improve millions of lives and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Key to the delivery of these projects, and future major projects, is establishing a workforce that possesses the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience.

This is why organisations and figures from across the construction industry are working together to create apprenticeships and other training programmes that produce more of the skilled individuals that are needed.

Major projects are not just about delivering pioneering builds; they're about leaving a skills legacy that supports the UK construction industry for decades to come.


Mae'r diwydiant adeiladu yn ddiwydiant budr sy'n niweidio'r amgylchedd

Mae adeiladau modern ledled y DU wedi'u dylunio mewn modd sy'n sicrhau nad ydynt yn niweidio'r amgylchedd a'u bod yn gynaliadwy. Mae'r amgylchedd a chynaliadwyedd yn flaenoriaethau pwysig i'r diwydiant adeiladu.

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