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Fun Activities for Primary Schools

Learning through construction is not only fun, but also encourages key skills and behaviours to be developed. 

Through this, primary students can explore their imagination, use different materials, problem solve and demonstrate the importance of teamwork and social interaction. It also develops their hand and eye co-ordination and their visual and spatial awareness, both of which are essential skills in early years’ development. 

They also develop a great sense of achievement and pride to develop and build something that helps to increase their self-confidence. 


Construction Sense encourages young participants to experience a site visit focussing on their five senses; sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing and then produce a piece of creative writing capturing their thoughts. 


Construction Sense can contribute to curriculum outcomes and is an early introduction to construction careers.

Available resources

Below are links to some of our Career & Educational Activities that are suitable for primary aged students to support their learning and understanding of the built environment. We’ve also included some helpful tips to adapt these activities for a primary aged audience. 

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