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Careers in construction | 05:12

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Go Construct | 02:30



Co-Design | 02:01
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We've collaborated with many employers and industry professionals across the UK to improve what information we provide and what tools to use so we can inspire more to join the industry. 

File Size: 16.8MB

Lisa from Willmott Dixon Construction talks about how Go Construct is a valuable tool for the industry. 

File Size: 14.6MB

Kate from Balfour Beatty explains why, as an employer, involvement with Go Construct is worthwhile. 

File Size: 26.9MB

Graham from West Lothian College explains why he's backing Go Construct and the value that it adds. 

File Size: 25.0MB

Beth from Career Wales talks about the importance of Go Construct in helping to bridge the skills shortage in the UK. 


Short inspirational videos

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A short film featuring answers from those working in the construction industry

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Various pieces of advice from industry professionals for those thinking about working in construction. 

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Short video about construction being summed up in one word 

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Short video from industry professionals describing what they love about your job

File Size: 121.1MB

Short video featuring industry professionals summing up their thoughts on construction 

File Size: 86.9MB

Short film to encourage young poeple into construction from those already working in the industry

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Short video with snippets of industry professionals explaining what their dream role or project would be. 

File Size: 103.7MB

Short film explaining how those featured got into construction, and their different career paths