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Explore Housebuilding

Activity Descriptor: 

The programme aims to bring the world of house building alive through an interactive, stimulating house building activity, solving a 'real' problem relating to house building and using STEM in a practical, work related way. 

This six week programme has been designed and developed by the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and the Go Construct team. 

Activity aims: 

To raise awareness of the house building industry, and the varied and rewarding STEM based careers the sector can offer. 

To develop participants' knowledge of the sustainable materials, products, technologies and adaptions used in house building. 

To apply mathematical skills to produce a tender sheet and other optional extension activities e.g. interior design. 

To use STEM based knowledge, studies and experience to solve a critical problem relating to the house building sector. 

Audience (recommended age): 

Age 11 - adult (it can be adapted for younger audiences)

NHBC: Find your career in the house-building industry | 01:22

Group size: 

Participants should ideally work in groups of 4-6 people. 

HBF Taylor Wimpey site

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