Activity Name:
Go Bridge Building Challenge 

Activity Descriptor:
A simple bridge-building activity which highlights the different styles of bridges and focuses on the role of civil engineers.  The bridges need to carry a weight and a small toy car.

Activity Aims:

  • To discover more about bridges and bridge building
  • To raise awareness of the profession of civil engineering and how this job role fits into the wider spectrum of construction and the built environment
  • To emphasise small group and teamwork, time management and working with limited resources

Audience (Recommended Age):

  • Ages 11–16
  • The extension ideas will make this activity more challenging and suitable for older audiences
Go Bridge Challenge

Group Size: Ideally, participants should work in small groups or teams of 2–4 people, but overall group size is unrestricted.

Further Information: For full details on the activity please see the Activity Cover Sheet which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources Required
  • Curriculum /Sector/Employability Skills Links
  • Extension Activities
  • Suggested Timetable


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