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Exploring the different types of traineeship

Whatever you want to achieve in your career in construction, there’s a traineeship to support you. Below we have broken down some roles which are best suited to personality types. If the role excites you, find out more by searching for it here. 

Traineeships for analytical personalities 

Analytical types are good at detail-oriented work. They are focused and love to keep organised.  

Trainee accountant 

Accountants are vital to any construction project because they keep track of the money. From managing budgets, recording expenses and settling invoices, this is a vital role and one for number lovers. If you always know exactly what’s in your bank account, this role could be for you. 

Find out more about becoming an accountant here.

Trainee clerk of works 

A clerk of works checks the quality and safety of work on a construction site. Inspections, reports and checking work against legal and environmental standards is all in a day’s work. If you are good at spotting mistakes, or love keeping high levels of organisation, try this job role. 

Interested in becoming a clerk of works? Find out more here.

Trainee plant inspector 

You will be involved in coordinating and overseeing the finances and accounting of a factory plant. If you enjoy data and analysing stats to get the bigger picture, you will love being a plant inspector. 

Find out more about becoming a plant inspector.

Creative and design traineeships 

Big thinkers, dreamers, and people who like to make things are all creative types. 

Trainee 3D visualiser 

3D visualisers bring architects ideas to life. If art and design combined with the latest tech is your thing you will enjoy this role. Animation work and creating functional spaces which also look great are all part of being a 3D visualiser. 

Learn more about the job role of a 3D visualiser here.

Trainee architect 

An architect helps shapes the world around them by designing new buildings and infrastructure to benefit society. As well as new things, you may also design renovations for existing structures. A grasp of design is important for this role, but also a vivid imagination. 

Learn more about becoming an architect here.

Trainee stonemason 

Cutting and preparing stone for building or improving structures is important work. You will often work on historical buildings, with monuments, headstones, and even statues in this traineeship. Creativity and an ability to work with your hands is a great start for this role. 

Interested in becoming a stonemason? Find out more about the role here.

Traineeships for tech-heads 

The latest apps, VR, a tech-head knows all about them!  

Trainee structural engineer 

Structural engineers make sure buildings are safe for the environment they are in. You’ll use your knowledge to calculate stability and strength, working on almost any type of construction project. You’ll use the latest technology to do this, including apps and VR technology. 

Find out more about the role of a structural engineer here.

Trainee BIM technician 

BIM (Building Information Modeling) technicians are involved with architectural plans and the materials used in construction projects, using CAD (computer-aided design) programmes to make models of construction projects. As well as this creative side, you’ll also provide accurate information about how the building will function once complete. 

Want to know more about a BIM technician role? Click here.

Trainee IT support analyst 

You will love figuring out all sorts of IT issues and love working with a wide variety of computer systems, as well as working with people at all levels. Your job could be incredibly varied as IT support analysts work across telecommunications, WANSs, LANs, and networks.  

Learn more about IT support analysts here.

Not sure what personality type you are? 

Take our quiz to find out what personality you have to help you understand which roles in construction would suit you the most.  

More information on traineeships 

If you don’t qualify for a traineeship, don’t worry, there are other ways to get into the construction industry or improve your employability. You might be eligible for T levels, a two-year technical qualification equivalent to three A levels, or able to take up some work experience to gain experience.  

Find out more about the kind of job roles in construction that are available to you, plus more on apprenticeships and your options for getting started in the industry.  

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