Thinking of changing careers? Your skills can be valuable to construction employers.

Construction is a huge industry that needs a lot of different people with a lot of different skills. Whether you're a fresh graduate, coming back to work after a break or thinking of changing careers, it has something to offer everyone.

Your skills

You might be surprised by how many skills you already have that are useful in construction. Like other industries, it needs people who are team players and can reach goals, are safety-aware, can meet deadlines and communicate well. Technical skills like computer-aided design (CAD) or experience with plans and drawings are useful too.

Did you know...

1801 factories in Manchester

It was factories in Manchester that kick-started the Industrial Revolution - the first steam-powered mills in the world were built by A&G Murray in 1801

Your industry

It can be easier to change to construction if you've worked in similar industries like engineering or oil and gas. Even with experience in very different industries, like manufacturing or creative services, you'll have important skills that construction employers need.

See what skills you could bring from your industry: