Trying to work out what career path to go down can be tough, even with doing research and asking other people's opinions. Here's why we think construction is a good career choice. 

Why is construction so good then?

Lots of career options

Sometimes you need to hear other people's experience of an industry to see if it's the right one for you.

Our 'Day in the life' section has real-life stories from all areas of the construction industry, talking about what it's really like to work in the industry, and how they got started. 

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Check out our guide to working in construction - a window into the world of construction, where more than 3 million people work, doing hundreds of different job roles. There's information about the culture of the industry, how it's becoming more diverse and how you can get started. 

You can find out more information in our 'How to get into construction' section, with guides on different routes into construction, apprenticeshipsuseful qualifications and help with applying

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) predicts that over the next five years there'll be over 230,000 construction jobs will be created.

How does the construction industry work?

It’s not all about working on a building site. There’s hundreds of roles ranging from architect to IT coordinator, logistics to support services, accountants to service installer and lots in-between. It’s a secure, well-paid industry and people are really valued. The training and development opportunities available are great.

How far and high you go is up to you.

Roles within any of these career families could give you the opportunity of working in a variety of locations, both across the UK and internationally.


The industry is made up of 10 sectors and there’s plenty of job roles within each:

How do I find the right role for me?

Personality Quiz

Our Personality Quiz is a simple 10 question quiz that gets you thinking, helping you understand what role in construction could be for you. Remember to share your results on social media with your friends and family!

Career Explorer

From school leavers, to graduates, to skilled or experienced professionals and those looking for a new career, construction welcomes people at all stages and of all ages.

Our Careers Explorer helps you to refine your search from the vast array of roles available in the industry. Based on your talents, skills and interests, it gives you a shortlist of roles that may be suitable for you.

Day in the life of...

There's many reasons why people enjoy working in construction, whether that's the friendly and inclusive culture, the ease and flexibility of joining, competitive salaries or the great job satisfaction. In our 'Day in the life' section, we have real-life stories from those already working in the industry in a wide range of roles, with a story everyone can relate to. 

How to get into construction

From getting formal qualifications to apprenticeships, traineeships to changing career, there's many routes that could take you into the construction industry. We've created a simple guide, giving you helpful tips and tricks to show you how to get started. 

There's advice on choosing academic subjects, useful qualifications for a career in construction, how to get an apprenticeship or traineeship, and how to apply for a job.

Find out more

Here are some other helpful websites with great information and guidance on getting you started: