One of the many routes into construction is to go to university and study. If you're thinking about going to university, here's some helpful information to help you. 

How could a degree help me in construction?

There are many people in construction who have degrees. From Architects to IT Coordinators, Logistics to Support services, Accountants to Project Managers, there are many roles in construction that can use a degree. 

Check out our 'Day in the life' section for real-life stories from those in the industry, some of whom went to university to get their chosen role. 

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What if my degree doesn't relate to construction?

Even if your degree isn't in something obviously related to construction, there are still plenty of opportunities in construction that can make use of degrees. Many graduates in the industry work in Support Services, including roles like Marketing, IT, Digital and Accounting. 

If you decided that you wanted to pursue something more technical or trade focused, there are conversion courses that you can take to help you work in other construction roles. 

Other useful qualifications

Degrees aren't the only type of qualifications that are valued in construction. There are many types of important qualifications that are useful in the industry, such as: 

"I wanted a role where I could learn while I was working and that would offer me a route where I could progress and achieve more qualifications"
Adele Graduate Project Manager

After university...

In the construction industry each person’s skills and qualifications are welcome, from school leavers to post graduates and experienced professionals.


More than three million people work in this growing business, doing a variety of job roles and not all have construction degrees. But for specialists like Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Archaeologists, they need to have specific qualifications. 

You can use our Career Explorer to discover the wide variety of roles that are available for graduates, or our Roles in Construction interactive tours that show you the different roles needed to complete various types of projects. 

Help with applying

Whatever stage of your degree you're in, we've got tools that can help you for when you need to start applying for roles or graduate schemes. 

Our Help with applying page has helpful guides on: 

  • How to write a CV
  • Filling in an application form
  • How to ace an inteview
  • Pitching yourself to employers

If you need some inspiration for how to get started, our 'Day in the life' section is filled with real-life stories of those working in the industry, including graduates. 

Useful links

You may find these websites helpful in researching more about university and how it can further your career: