Apprenticeships are more popular than ever. Currently, one in five employers are investing in the training of more apprentices.

In return, employers benefit from a motivated member of staff who wants to learn and help their business grow.

What are the benefits of taking on an apprentice?

  • 80% of employers state that apprentices have made their business more productive. The Centre for Economic Research estimates that apprentices can boost a company’s productivity by an average of £214 per week, generating £3.4 billion for the UK economy by 2022.
  • Apprentices get access to the latest industry knowledge and technology through their training and qualifications. Having apprentices with up-to-date technical and business skills and knowledge may help your company target new clients and open up markets.
  • Skills and knowledge can be passed on to colleagues, improving team performance
  • Increased loyalty to your business, resulting in high value long-term investments
  • Improved health and safety and reduced absenteeism
  • Familiarity with new legislation and quality standards
  • An improved corporate image

Download the Employer Guide to Apprenticeships for information and benefits of recruiting an apprentice into your business.

What is expected of my business?

You must pay an apprentice at least the minimum wage. If your business is eligible, there are grants available from the Government and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), to help with your costs.

Your apprentice must also:

  • Work with skilled and experienced employees
  • Learn skills specific to jobs in your industry
  • Study for a work-based qualification during their working week, for example, at a college or training provider.

You should also:

  • allow your apprentice to visit customers and suppliers and go to demonstrations and exhibitions that may benefit them
  • give them access to in-house training, helpful resources, specialist information, technology, software and equipment they may need
  • give them as much encouragement, advice and support as possible. This will help them progress and lead to greater rewards for your business.

How do I employ an apprentice?

Visit the Government's ‘Employ an apprentice’ page for a step-by-step guide.

You can also find further information at:

Some businesses are able to receive grants and funding to cover the costs of an apprentice’s training. Find out more about apprenticeship grants.