Why do you enjoy working in the construction industry?

I really enjoy working outdoors and not being confined to a desk all day, every day. I’m quite a natural problem-solver, and in job role within construction, this is something I do on a daily basis. There’s a lot of job satisfaction with the industry as well. Depending on the stage of construction in a project, the requirements and challenges vary. It’s great when I see that a detail I may have noticed months ago as a potential problem for the build has now been completed, with the design solution I created. 

 Why do you want to encourage others to get into the construction industry?

Construction is an ever evolving industry (I haven’t had a boring day since I started working!) , and if someone has an interest in the built environment, or has a practical brain, then this could well be the career for them. That’s why I want to encourage others to get involved and find out more about working in the industry.

What other advice would you give to those thinking about construction as a career?

Seek as much work experience as you can, this will help you to identify possible career paths that you’ll want to pursue. Construction is a hugely diverse industry, and there are careers that will cater to all types of backgrounds. It really is open to everyone! There are very few barriers to entering the world of construction, but once you’re in it there are cast opportunities to develop and further your career. 

Construction has very few barriers to enter the industry, but vast opportunities to develop and further your career.

Based Loughborough
Employer Kier Construction Eastern