What do you really love about your job?

The fact that it’s constantly changing – whether it’s what’s going on out on site or the continuous changes on different projects.  This intensifies your experience and you get a taste of everything that’s happening in a project. I’m always amazed with how many new things I’m learning every day about this industry. 

If someone thinks that construction may be the career for them, what advice would you give?

I honestly think that construction is the best industry to be in! You get to be outdoors, and not cooped up in an office all day, or stuck behind a desk just tap, tap, tapping away at a keyboard.

Being a woman in construction, I can see the very real need for more women to join the workforce and get a career in construction. Let’s be honest now, how else are we going to be able to put the men in their place! Only joking, it’s great that construction is the sort of industry that is so open for both men and women.

Something that I’ve found to be really important in my career is having a unique personality and a passion to work. These kinds of behaviours stick in people’s minds, and with your education to back you up and a willingness to prove yourself, you’ll be able to climb up the career ladder pretty quickly. 

I honestly think that construction is the best industry to be in!

Based Loughborough
Employer ISG