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Fun facts: size

Fun facts - Size. Did you know…? 1. If it is approved, the planned tidal lagoon on the Severn Estuary in Wales will become the world’s largest dam beating previous record holder, the Three Gorges Dam in China 2. The largest dam in the UK is the Llyn Brianne Dam in South Wales. It is 300ft high and holds back 62 million tonnes of water. 3. The Shard is the tallest building in Europe, and houses 11,000 glass panels 4. UKs highest café, called Hafod Eryri, is on top of Mount Snowden - 3,560ft-high café 5. London’s new underground railway line, Crossrail, is currently the biggest single construction project in Europe 6. The smallest house in Great Britain is in Conwy, Wales. It is 3 meters high, and has a floor space of 1.8 square meters 7. The largest warehouse in Britain (and the third largest in the world) is in Bristol. With a floor-space of 80,000m, it could contain 14,000 double-decker busses. 8. The largest ever construction built from ‘Mechano’ is a 96ft long bridge spanning the River Lagan in Belfast. It was built by a group of engineering students at Queen’s University and contains 11,000 Mechano pieces.
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