Why did you choose to become a Construction Ambassador?

Actually, becoming a Construction Ambassador happened purely by chance. My son, Joshua, was doing a term project on construction at school and he suggested that I go into school and do a presentation to the rest of his class. I got in contact with the school and spent a morning with the children talking about construction materials, principles and health and safety on construction sites. It was a very enjoyable experience for both me and the children at Joshua’s school. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering for the scheme?

There’s a massive sense of achievement that comes with volunteering for this kind of scheme. Being an estimator and associate director is an honour and achievement in itself, and being a Construction Ambassador just adds to the experience. If I can achieve this, so can they, and I really enjoy providing young adults and children with an insight into the roles and opportunities available in this industry.

Over the years, there has been some misleading press coverage about the construction, and no matter whether it was justified or not, the common conception that construction is divided into architects, bricklayers and electricians, and it’s only for men, are just simply not true!

It’s great to see that more and more women are joining the industry and finding a successful and fulfilling career in construction. If I can help make just one person aware of the opportunities available to them in construction, then I’ve done my job as a Construction Ambassador.

Tell us about some of the work you’ve been doing as a Construction Ambassador?

 Having only just started out, I’ve only done one event, going into a school and providing two groups of ten year olds with an inside view to the industry and its processes, roles and principles. I’ve got two more visits to schools pencilled in for now, but hopefully I’ll have more events coming up soon.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the construction industry?

Construction really isn’t just about being an architect or a bricklayer. The industry is enormous and vast with many opportunities available for both men and women to be involved. With hard work and dedication, the rewards can be huge, whether it’s earning money, inspiring young children or adults, or building projects that will 

If I can help make just one person aware of the opportunities available to them in construction, then I have done my job as a Construction Ambassador.

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