Activity Name:
CREST Casement Park SOS Challenge – Silver Level

Activity Descriptor:
CREST Casement Park SOS Challenge is a team activity. The challenge invites participants to create a newspaper report about the transformation of Casement Park stadium into a sustainable outreach shelter with focus on the challenges of water supply, transport links, building structures, energy, waste management and underground works.

Participants will need supporting in their work by a mentor from the Civil Engineering Sector.

Activity Aims: CREST Awards aim to raise awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) amongst young people and to highlight the careers linked to these subjects.

By the end of the project, participants should have produced:

  • A newspaper report
  • A site plan (scale of 1cm to 2m)
  • A proposal that describes the site plan and identifies how the plan meets the community’s needs
  • A copy of the project plan (critical path analysis) that was used to complete the challenge
  • Short reflective report from each member of the team
casement park sos

Audience (Recommended Age): 14 - 16 years

Group Size: To be negotiated with the activity lead.

Further Information: For full details on the activity please see the Activity Cover Sheet which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources Required
  • Curriculum /Sector/Employability Skills Links
  • Extension Activities
  • Suggested Timetable

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CREST Casement Park SOS Challenge - Additional Information for Ambassadors


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CREST Casement Park SOS Challenge – Participant Guide to Critical Path Analysis 


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