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Rewards and benefits

With the construction industry looking healthier than ever, now is a good time to see how you can benefit from it.

Always evolving

Imagine joining an industry where every project is unique and you're always using the latest ways of working. Construction never stands still and neither will your career..

There's no shortage of new construction jobs in the UK either, with the industry set to need more and more skilled people in future.

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More jobs

If you're starting out, apprenticeships in construction give you solid training in a craft or technical role while you earn. If you're changing careers, construction is full of fresh challenges and employers will value your transferable skills.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) predicts that the construction industry will need almost a quarter of a million extra workers between now and 2019. This means that construction companies will be short staffed and there will be more openings for people with all sorts of on-site and office skills. Further information can be found at Construction Skills Network Research.


Construction only benefits the people who work or invest in it.

We all benefit from construction. The buildings we use each and every day would once have been part of a construction project. The infrastructure that construction provides helps to maintain clean water, effectively manage waste and prevent flooding.

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Building your career

There are around three million construction workers in the UK, making it one of the country's biggest employers. Like any industry, it rewards hard work and there are always chances to move up. It's constantly changing too meaning that you'll always be improving your skills.

More than any other industry, it values on-the-job training and employers put a lot of time into their staff. Construction is also home to many self-employed people and you'll have plenty of opportunities to network and start your own business if you want to. Along with chances to travel in the UK and to take up international construction jobs.

Your construction salary

The industry is highly competitive, with rewards to match. Salaries are rising at the moment and more apprenticeship opportunities give you the chance to earn while you learn when starting out.

The minimum pay for an apprentice changes most years - it currently works out at about £105 per week, but is usually a lot higher. Experienced tradespeople could earn around £27,000 per year, while experienced graduates can earn up to £60,000 or more.

The amount you earn will depend on many things, including your skills, how long you've been working and your place of work. You might also get bonuses for finishing projects on time or have access to company cars, vans and other equipment.

Take an in-depth look at the full range of construction salaries out there on the Careers Explorer

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