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Hinkley Point C

Currently, 16 nuclear reactors in the UK generate around a sixth of the electricity we need. All but one of these reactors could be retired by 2030. To replace them the government is in the process of commissioning the construction of a new generation of nuclear reactors at eight sites in the UK.

The building of the reactors at each one of these sites could be a significant multi-billion pound project in its own right and generate thousands of construction industry jobs on a local and national scale. For example, at the peak of the work at Hinkley Point C in Somerset, which is in the process of being planned to take place between 2016 and 2023, a workforce of approximately 6,000 people could be employed.

Hinkley Point C - Different stages of construction | 04:59

Hinkley Point C 

This animation explores the inner workings of the EPR reactor and shows the different stages of the build, including earthworks, construction and electricity generation.

To find out more about the Hinkley Point C project, visit the EDF Energy website

Many large construction developments

The types of professions from the construction industry that could be particularly in demand at Hinkley Point C include steel fixers, concretors, scaffolders, civil engineering operatives, construction supervisors and managers, labourers and plant operatives. The main developments they could help to build include:

  • Two UK EPR nuclear reactors units
  • Two turbine halls
  • Cooling water infrastructure
  • Fuel and waste management facilities 
  • Electricity transmission infrastructure
  • A sea wall
  • A public information centre
  • Landscaping for the construction land

In addition, there could be a significant number of associated building developments taking place in the surrounding area of Hinkley Point C. The main ones are accommodation campuses for construction workers, park and ride facilities to transport workers, a temporary jetty and refurbished wharf to deliver heavy equipment, a bypass around a nearby village and a series of highway improvement schemes.

Did you know...

300 ft

The largest Dam in the UK is the Llyn Brianne Dam in South Wales. It is 300ft high and holds back 62 million tonnes of water.

Meeting a demand for skills

To meet the demand for the professions needed to build these developments, key organisations from the construction industry are working together on a number of initiatives. This includes developing frameworks for training programmes and apprenticeships to produce the skilled construction workers that are required.

Authoritative career information and guidance is also being developed to educate existing members of the construction industry and potential new entrants about how they could be part of the nuclear build programme. This will include profiles of relevant construction jobs and case studies of people who are already doing these jobs. These case studies will explore their career paths and particular skills. 

For further information about Hinkley Point C, visit EDF Energy’s website

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