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Only used once for the homepage, has fields for the top banner as well as a general webpart area.

Landing page

Intended for use as a landing pages (so that different styling could be applied) - similar to the content page template but allows you to create standard content within the container or full width to the page of “fluid”.

Content page

A standard content page which generates content into the standard body container

Search results

Funnel back results container

Blog landing page

The blog landing page, all blog details pages loaded as sub pages. Highlighted top post can be picked here.

Blog details page

A set template for creating blog pages. Collecting tags, locational info and allowing a content area of selected webparts.

Events landing page

Events landing page feed, highlighted top post can be picked here.

Events detail page

A set template for creating events posts, including star and end times and venue information etc.

Case study landing page

The case study landing page uses the content template with the addition of a webpart called case study wall back.

Case study details

A set template for creating case study pages, this page has lots of set fields mixed with webpart pickers, content shows and hides depending on which fields are used.

Apprenticeship landing page

Slightly tweaked landing page to allow content to span the full width of the browser outside of the normal container which allows apprenticeships webparts. Along with general typography tweaksWhen certain webparts area added to this template, they may alter in design, for example colours and font sizes. These webparts are Course-type-card, quote with image, top ten list and top ten tile.

Career Family page

Standard content components with the option to pull a feed from the Careers A-Z page, used for personality quiz results.

Career Profile page

A set template for building up career profiles housed in the careers A-Z landing page.

MythBusters page

A set template that is full screen width to allow MythBusters page blocks (this is the only place this webpart works)

Personality quiz

A set template that does not have any functionality bar base SEO, working are loaded via code and are not cms editable.

Interactive careers map

These provide no control in the CMS and can only be updated statically.

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