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can be found within the apprenticeships section of the site.


  • Takes 1 - 5 years to complete
  • Start your career straight out of schoo
  • Time split between your employer and a training provider
  • Focus is on learning hands-on skills relating to a specific job role
  • Over 100 roles can be pursued through apprenticeships, with more being added
  • Earn as you learn, with no tuition fees


  • Full-time degrees take 3 - 4 years to complete
  • You can apply for higher-level jobs after graduation
  • Time spent in lectures and seminars or on individual study - or can be via distance-learning
  • Focus is on academic study, although many construction-related degrees offer a year in industry
  • 1000’s of courses to choose from, which could lead to careers in construction
  • You’ll pay tuition fees of up to £9,520 per year in the UK (correct as of 2020).
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