With two months behind us, we round up the reasons why we love construction.

1. Massive thanks to everyone who opened their sites for Open Doors and to everyone who visited - so many happy faces!

2. The Wow Show could change your mind about what you think construction is like…

3. We’d like some stickers too please! #GirlsCantWhat? #WomenInConstruction

4. Congratulations Team UK! Enjoy the journey on the #RoadToKazan 

5. Give construction site hoardings a makeover and get your art and messages seen and heard

6. Not convinced about an apprenticeship in construction?

8. How would you like to work in one of the oldest professions in the history of humanity?!

9. This is what it feels like to have a job you love

10. We totally agree!

11. Your waste won't be wasted! You could help build homes every time you go to the loo #SustainableConstruction

12. Who said playing games is a waste of time? #Minecraft

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