This year’s Open Doors Week was bigger and better than ever before with 277 live construction sites across England, Scotland and Wales opening their doors to the general public.

The sites which took part ranged from infrastructure projects and heritage locations to schools and cultural venues. All involved showcased the diverse range of skills and professions which are needed to complete a construction project.

Here are nine things we learnt thanks to Open Doors 2018.

1. People were more interested than ever to get behind the hoardings of a live construction site. In fact, 5,200 people visited sites up and down the country!

2. People of all ages enjoyed taking part in Open Doors 2018 with tours taking place in local areas everywhere. 

3. Those working on the construction sites enjoyed hosting Open Doors and inspiring a new generation into construction. 

4. Students of all backgrounds loved having the opportunity to attend, with schools from all areas of the country taking part this year.              

5. Even a few familiar characters stopped by to help raise awareness!

6. During our visit to Cardiff West Community High we discovered that the school sits on an area of archaeological significance.

Great levels of care continue to be taken by the team given that it is being built near the largest Roman villa in Wales and one of the biggest Iron Age hill forts in the whole of Britain. Read the full Construction News story.      

7. People love to share their Open Doors experience. This year, we received over 1,600 #OpenDoors18 tweets throughout the week. Thanks for all the selfies!

8. Come rain or shine, people continued to enjoy their site tours.

9. By far the best thing we learnt was that giving people the opportunity to explore a live site allows and encourages more people to consider a career in construction. On to next year!

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