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Hands-on learning as apprentices
05 March 2019

Hands-on learning as apprentices

For Scottish Apprenticeship Week (4 - 8 March), three apprentices on four-year courses with Scotia Homes told us what they loved about learning their chosen trades hands-on.
Choosing a construction career based on your interests
09 February 2021

Choosing a construction career

Interested in science? Enjoy making things? This Go Construct article gives you some insight into how you can choose your career path based on your likes & interests.
Father's View On Son's Career - Construction Story
05 March 2018

Pride and Joy: A career to be proud of

We asked father of construction worker Andy, to give us an insight into what he thinks about his son's career in construction. Read what happened here.
What's it like to build in the middle of a city?
07 September 2020

What's it like to build in the middle of a city?

Take a look at the BBC Wales headquarters - a £100m construction project in the centre of Cardiff, home to over 1,200 staff. Read more about the project from start to finish.
The top 10 transferable skills to get you a job in construction
04 December 2020

Top 10 transferrable skills (1)

There are many transferable skills that are suitable for a career in construction. This article looks at the top 10.
Interior Systems Apprentice - Construction Story
16 March 2016

Brendan Betts

Brendan is an Interior Systems apprentice, and talks about his experience learning his trade in college and 'on the job'. Find out more about his experience.
Orville Hall - Construction Story
12 June 2017

Orville Hall - Construction Story

After finishing school in Jamaica, Orville made the decision to uproot his life and move to the UK to be with his wife. Read about his experience here.
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