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Denise Forster - Construction Story
08 June 2016

Denise Forster

Denise Forster, is a Systems Co-ordinator at Simpson (York) Limited. She is also involved in the 'Step up into Construction' project. Find out more here.
Working Your Way Up The Ladder In Construction
03 August 2017

Working your way up the ladder

Working your way up the ladder. Construction offers a wealth of opportunities and countless careers have been built by people who started out as apprentices.
Corrinne Credland - Construction Story
19 November 2015

Corrinne Credland

It took me a while to get into the construction sector, as I had previously worked in the sport, legal, insurance and hospital industries in various roles.
29 February 2016

Andrew Fordyce

I came right out of school at 16 and started my joinery apprenticeship with Jim Darroch and Joe Allan. Find out more about my life in construction.
How to get into construction after taking your GCSEs
23 August 2019

How to get into construction after taking your GCSEs

We asked three people in construction what advice they would give to people thinking about getting into the industry after their GCSEs, and we found out which route they took to get into their current role.
What To Do After Your Exams
15 August 2017

What to do after your exams

We all know the pressure of receiving exam results, but no matter the numbers or grades, there are always routes into an exciting career in construction.
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