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Construction Is Full Of Personality
29 May 2019

Construction is full of personality

Read about three industry workers' experience in the construction industry and how they feel their personality type suits their role. Find out more here.
What are the benefits of networking?
03 February 2021

What are the benefits of networking?

If you’re looking to start a career in the construction industry, networking is a good way to build relationships. Find out more about the benefits of networking.
Innovation in Construction (6 HUGE Things To Watch!)
01 September 2017

Innovation in construction

The construction sector is constantly evolving due to new innovations in materials, techniques and designs. With hugely successful projects following on from contemporary innovations, construction has proven the sky is no longer the limit.
How is construction adapting for the future?
27 July 2020

How is construction adapting for the future?

The construction industry always adapts to the changing needs of society, the advancement in technology and new processes, from making eco-friendly materials to sustainability.
Leading by example – my apprenticeship experience
23 June 2017

Dorota Jarzabska

After moving to the UK from Poland, Dorota wanted to pursue a career that would give her a long-lasting and clear career path. Her experiences of working in construction have given her a passion for the industry and for future generations of construction professionals.
A career to last you a lifetime
06 November 2015

Karen Jones Redrow Homes

Karen Jones, HR Director from Redrow Homes tells us why construction will give you a career to last you a lifetime.
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