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Inspired by diversity, built in Britain
10 November 2017

Inspired by diversity, built in Britain

International influences are all over the built environment – even in our most cherished national monuments. Find out how diversity is a crucial part of construction.
Archaeologists - Construction Story
27 October 2017

What lies beneath: digging up ghosts

Ancient burial grounds, skeletons, ghosts. (It must be Halloween!) With a career in construction, you might have an encounter with any of them. Find out more.
Building A Better Future
29 September 2017

Building a better future

The construction industry is changing – not just changing itself, but changing communities and the environment for the better. Find out how you can get involved.
Innovation in Construction (6 HUGE Things To Watch!)
01 September 2017

Innovation in construction

The construction sector is constantly evolving due to new innovations in materials, techniques and designs. With hugely successful projects following on from contemporary innovations, construction has proven the sky is no longer the limit.
What to do after your exams
15 August 2017

What to do after your exams

We all know the pressure of receiving exam results, but no matter the numbers or grades, there are always routes into an exciting career in construction. We take a look at the next steps to take after results day.
Working Your Way Up The Ladder In Construction
03 August 2017

Working your way up the ladder

Working your way up the ladder. Construction offers a wealth of opportunities and countless careers have been built by people who started out as apprentices.
Moving With The Times (BIM Revolution)
07 July 2017

Moving with the times

Construction is traditionally viewed as an industry that relies more on physical rather than digital skills. But the reality is very different. Find out more.
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