From sunless showers to happy faces enjoying this years first heatwave, April has quickly come to a close. With another month behind us, we take a look at the things that reminded us why we love construction - no matter the weather!

1. This years Generation for Change Awards highlighted the ever-growing workforce of passionate UK construction staff

2. Leeds Beckett University showed us the faces of the industry’s future engineers

3. Fashion met construction at #WIC2018

4. We were reminded that construction has some of the best jobs in the world!

5. London-based ‘MUMA’ gave us architecture envy with the design of its new Kindergarten in Cambridge

6. We had the heart-warming experience of making Joseph’s dreams come true

7. Streetspace Group allowed us to absorb the beauty of sustainability in construction

8. And last but certainly not least, Go Construct welcomed Jessica Tabibi @girlonabuildingsite as our first ever #TakeoverTuesday participant!

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