With another month behind us, we round up the reasons why we love construction.

1. Dirttuk wowed us with their 15-screen wall

2. We got a glimpse of those celebrating diversity in construction

3. Outplans showed us the sweeter side to construction

4. CITB took a step in inspiring future students

5. Our Instagram saw the fantastic Christina Riley takeover for the day

6. Students at the annual Youth Summit presented their ideas on encouraging more young people into the industry

7. BOBTRADE reminded us of the beautiful Tamar Bridge

This is the Tamar Bridge, spanning the river Tamar from Plymouth in the east to Saltash in the west. Construction began in 1959 and was completed in autumn of 1961. It is considered a Cornish monument and a triumph by the two counties of Devon and Cornwall. It is the first major suspension bridge built after WWII and is the longest of its kind in Britain. The bridge stands at 67 meters high and stretched to 563 meters long. What makes the Tamar Bridge such a triumph however is that the government at the time did not take seriously the issues of congestion and difficulties travelling between Plymouth and Saltash. And, so, the whole project was self financed by Plymouth City Council and the Cornwall County Council. Considering Cornwall is one of the poorest regions in Europe, let alone the UK, this was an incredible show of defiance and determination. The bridge runs parallel to the Royal Albert Bridge, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it is regarded as his finest railway bridge. To have to two stand side by side in this manner is incredibly poignant. Brunel’s life was full of tragedy and hardship, but still he designed and built some of the most iconic structures in the UK. Cornwall is a county that has struggled with poverty for many hundreds of years but still they push forward and create something that changed the face of transport in this area forever. - - - Image from Visit Plymouth - - - #construction #isambardkingdombrunel #cornwall #plymouth #saltash #bridge #bridgeconstruction #ukconstruction #constructionuk #buildingmaterials

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8. The robots are coming...

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