With another month behind us, we round up the reasons why we love construction.

1. The 2018 European Women In Construction & Engineering Awards showcased the exceptionally talented women in today's industry 

2. Following on from Mental Health Awareness Week, CITB reminded us just how important this worthwhile cause is  

3. The 2018 BMJ Industry Awards saw a familiar face supporting our industry

4. The Robinson sisters showed us how young women are at the forefront of promoting STEM careers in construction

5. 24 year old Lee Andrew Hartfield reminded us of the so-called vertical challenges of being a bricklayer

6. We had the pleasure of introducing Katie Kelleher as our second #TakeoverTuesday

7. The WoW Show UK launched and made shcools across the country aware of the benefits of joining this ever-exciting industry

8. Weston Media gave us an insight into the incredible uses of VR and 3D scanning

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