Are you a young person in the construction industry? Have you had to beat the odds in order to complete training or gain employment? If so, YouthBuild UK wants to hear from you! 

Starting in 1999, the Young Builder of the Year Awards celebrates the achievements of young people within the construction industry who have faced many obstacles and overcome them to forge themselves a career in the construction industry.

The categories

There are two categories that can be entered:

  • 14–18 year olds still in education or training (including apprentices)
  • 18–24 year olds in employment or training

The prize

All shortlisted finalists will receive a certificate and tools vouchers.

The winner of the 18-24 category will win receive up to £1,500 (including tools), with £750 (including tools) going to the runner up.

The winner of the 14-18 category will receive a prize of up to £750 (including tools) and their school/college/training provider will receive tools worth up to £500.

The deadline

Entries close on Friday 29th July 2016 and you’ll need to download and complete the application form for your entry.

Some handy hints for applying

  • The application needs to be done by the young builder/trainee themselves
  • Include any personal or professional barriers that you have had to overcome
  • The progress you have made
  • What you have achieved personally
  • What qualifications you have gained or are working towards

You should include:

  • a bit about your background before you joined the project would be great, including what the last thing you worked on was
  • The work you’re currently doing and what you enjoy about it
  • what the most worthwhile thing has been for you on the project, it might be something that’s happened to you or something you’ve achieved
  • how you think teamwork benefits you, and include any examples of this as well
  • What you’ve achieved (like NVQs, SVQs or other certificates) – this doesn’t affect the judging, it just helps to get to know you better
  • What barriers you’ve had to overcome in order to get to where you are today, this award is to celebrate someone who has achieved something   great and faced challenges head on

You’ll need to get your teacher/employer/training manager involved as well on your application, as we need them to write about:

  • What training or work you’ve undertaken with them
  • what your attitude has been on site/in college, how you’ve worked with others and anything else that proves you’re an exceptional young builder
  • Any barriers they know you’ve had to overcome as well

Next steps

Now we’ve told you everything you need to know, now is the time to apply!

Go to the YouthBuild UK website and download the application form for your age category, complete your sections and get your teacher/employer/training manager to complete their sections as well.

Once this is done, send your completed form as a Word document or PDF via email to

Make sure it’s in by Friday 29th July!

Good luck!