Over the past few years, many construction companies have put systems in place to promote diversity in their workforces.

How the construction industry is promoting diversity

The subject of promoting diversity in the workforce has become increasingly relevant over recent years, and many employers have put systems in place to do this. These include:

  • Requiring contractors to demonstrate commitment through policy
  • Requiring contractors to do work on their workforce diversity profiling
  • Local labor initiatives
  • Monitoring contractor workforce against clients customer base

A structured approach

More recently, a structured approach to developing fairness, inclusion and respect in construction companies has been provided by the CITB’s Be Fair Framework.

Aimed at creating workplaces where employees feel valued and supported, it consists of 5 self-paced core modules that address specific areas. The changes it can bring within an organisation can  help:

  • Increase productivity through improved staff engagment and loyalty
  • Cut costs associated with staff turnover
  • Reduce the likelihood of the skills you've invested in moving to a competitor

The risk of not promoting diversity

Failing to improve diversity is a risk that no employer can afford to take. It may result in:

  • Expensive legal action and loss of reputation, should the issue of discrimination be identified and made public
  • Legal action (and all its consequences) for failing to operate within UK law
  • Loss of business to competitors

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