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Construction ambassadors

Construction ambassadors play a vital role in promoting careers in the construction industry.

What is a construction ambassador?

A Construction Ambassador is someone who inspires potential new entrants about the industry.and is able to convey what it’s actually like to work in construction. A construction ambassador inspires others to consider a career in the industry and shares what it’s actually like to work in construction.

Very often they provide the first introduction to the construction industry for many young individuals who are considering their future career choices.Very often they provide the first introduction to the construction industry for young people who are considering their future career.

y reaching out to local communities and highlighting the many fantastic opportunities available within construction they can help to inspire the next generation of new entrants.By engaging young people with the fantastic opportunities available in the industry, ambassadors can encourage the next generation of construction professionals.

What does a construction ambassador do?

As an ambassador, you’d attend educational events on behalf of Go Construct or industry employers, and meet young people who are considering their career choices.

You could be:

  • On a trade stand at a careers fair, answering questions and handing out leaflets.
  • Delivering a talk, sharing your experiences of getting into and working in the industry.
  • Leading practical sessions or workshops, to give young people a taste of life in construction.
  • Acting as a mentor to someone who is just starting out.
Company benefits

Who can become an ambassador?

Anyone working in the industry can be a construction ambassador. You just need to be passionate about construction and the built environment, and willing to share your experiences with others.

Whether you’re a first year apprentice or a company director, we’d love your support to help more people experience the varied opportunities in our sector.

Why become an ambassador?

As a construction ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Inspire young people to take up a career in the construction industry.
  • Pass on your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to potential new entrants, to help close the skills gap that we are facing within the industry.
  • Enhance your personal development and give something back to those starting out.
  • Gain training to boost your professional development, either online or at a location close to where you live.
why become an ambassador?

Our partnership with STEM

We run our ambassador programme in collaboration with STEM Learning.

STEM Learning is the UK’s largest provider of education and careers support in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They have over 30,000 ambassadors and 19 hubs across the UK offering support, opportunities and local expertise.

All new construction ambassadors need to register through STEM. Their digital platform acts as a one-stop shop for training, industry events, feedback and Go Construct resources.

Already a construction ambassador?

As of July 2020, all our current ambassadors will need to register with STEM Learning in order to continue booking in events and accessing Go Construct resources and training.

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