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How to apply for a job in Construction

Finding a job can sometimes feel like a job in itself! So, we've created a go-to guide to help you to land a career or an apprenticeship in construction.

We’ve enlisted the help of some real people working in the industry to share advice and insights on:

  • Writing CVs and job applications
  • Making the most of your employability skills when completing an application form or cover letter
  • How the application process for apprentices works
  • What to do when you have an interview
  • How you can keep building your skills once you get a job.

Building your skills

Once you’ve landed a job in construction, it's important to keep your skills up-to-date as the world of work is always changing. Gaining additional skills and knowledge will also help you to progress in your job and open the door to new roles or specialisms and, possibly, a higher salary.

Some roles require you to undertake certain training or competency tests as standard (i.e. CSCS cards). In others, employers may offer opportunities to go on accredited or non-accredited training courses to help you improve your communication skills, become adept at using certain machinery, learn about site safety, gain management skills or more.

Some people choose to continue studying whilst on the job, either part-time (with their employer’s approval) or around their full time work, to gain professional qualifications, such as higher or degree apprenticeships or chartered status.

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