Construction is Growing

Construction is back
Unemployment has fallen to the lowest level for a decade and earnings are up. Construction has always been a great option for a long and rewarding career. With sustained growth returning to the sector, there’s never been.

Construction is Growing

Which is good news for:

  • Britain
  • The economy
  • The construction industry

In the next five years, it is predicted there will be:

  • A 2.9% in annual growth
  • Which will create over 220,000 construction jobs
  • This includes 5,700 jobs in Scotland and 5,320 jobs in Wales

Areas of construction growth include:

  • Energy related programmes
  • Housing and infrastructure

The construction industry is one of the most important economic sectors, employing over 2 million people, which represents 8% of the GDP

One of the most popular ways to get into construction is through completing an apprenticeship.

  • By 2018 the industry will need an additional 120,000 apprentices