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How to Find an Apprenticeship?

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There are many ways to find an apprenticeship in England, Scotland and Wales. Whatever kind of career you are interested in, whether you are a school leaver, at college or already working, there is an apprenticeship for you. All you will need to do is some research to make sure the apprenticeship you are applying for is the best for you. 

How to choose an apprenticeship

Your first priority when choosing an apprenticeship is finding a job that is in the right role and industry based on your interests.

Does it offer you the opportunity to develop your skills and progress your career in the way you want it to? Is the salary high enough for you?

You might want to do some research about the companies offering apprenticeships you are interested in. The size of a company might make a difference to your apprenticeship experience. If it is a smaller company, you might be able to get to know your colleagues better, with more one-to-one training.

Larger companies could mean you are working alongside more apprentices, other than yourself. There might be a wider range of opportunities to progress your career, different locations to work in and the chance to gain experience in different roles.

What level of apprenticeship should I apply for?

In England there are four levels of apprenticeship: Intermediate, Advanced, Higher and Degree. In Scotland and Wales the levels have different names but are quite similar. They will have different entry requirements, such as the number of GCSEs or A-Levels you need to be accepted onto these apprenticeships.

Choose the level that is right for your age and level of education. For example, if you have A-Levels you should probably be applying for a Higher apprenticeship. If you only have GCSE passes you will not have the entry requirements for a Degree apprenticeship.

Where to find apprenticeship vacancies

There are lots of ways to search for apprenticeships. You could look on websites like Talentview, TotalJobs, Indeed or the government’s apprenticeship service. You will be able to apply for apprenticeships by uploading your CV or applying directly to the employer.

To help find an employer you can contact local colleges, specialist training providers or apprenticeship management agencies. Word of mouth is also useful – friends, family or neighbours might know of vacancies. Ask if they have any apprenticeship opportunities where they work.

Find out more about apprenticeships

Thinking of applying for an apprenticeship but not sure how? We have all the information you need. If you have questions or want to discuss your options in construction, get in touch.

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