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Foundation apprenticeships Scotland

A Foundation Apprenticeship in Scotland gives Scottish students in their 5th and 6th years of school valuable work experience, boosts their confidence and offers those with an interest in a vocational subject a chance to learn more about a job.

What is a Scottish Foundation Apprenticeship?

Scottish Foundation Apprenticeships are the first level of Apprenticeships in Scotland. Foundation Apprenticeships are designed to give young people still at school experience of the world of work, a chance to gain a vocational qualification at the same level as a Higher, and to support an application for a Modern Apprenticeship.

There are Foundation Apprenticeship opportunities at Level 6 in civil engineering, software development, accountancy and nine other sectors. Subjects available at Level 4/5 include automotive, construction and hospitality.

What do I need to apply for a Scottish Foundation Apprenticeship?

As you will still be in Year 5 or 6, no qualifications will be needed for Foundation Apprenticeship applications. The number of subjects or job sectors available will vary from school to school. Ask your school careers adviser for more information or use the Apprenticeships.Scot website to check what is available at your school.

How old do I have to be?

Foundation Apprenticeships are open to students in Year 5 and 6 at school taking their National 5s and Highers.

How many Foundation Apprenticeships are available?

There are 12 Foundation Apprenticeships available at SCQF Level 6, including Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Financial Services, Creative and Digital Media and Scientific Technologies. Three subjects are available at level 4/5 - Automotive, Construction and Hospitality.

How will a Foundation Apprenticeship develop my career?

A Foundation Apprenticeship is an ideal way to experience the world of work for the first time. Young people with an interest in a vocational subject will gain skills, experience and knowledge, as well as a vocational qualification. When you come to leave school you will have more options available to you, and if you apply for a Modern Apprenticeship you will have the experience on your CV of a Foundation Apprenticeship.

Employers are likely to view you more favourably, because you have shown commitment to your chosen field by undertaking accredited work-based learning. You have real-world industry experience to offer, which other candidates for jobs leaving school might not have.

Past apprentices have said how a Foundation Apprenticeship has helped close the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

How do I apply for a Foundation Apprenticeship in Scotland?

If you would like to get a head start in your career with a Foundation Apprenticeship, and you live in Scotland, visit the Apprenticeships.scot website for more details, case studies and to search for vacancies.

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