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Graduate apprenticeships Scotland

A Graduate Apprenticeship in Scotland gives Scottish students the chance to combine an advanced level of industry experience with academic study at college or university. Graduate Apprentices have often completed a Foundation Apprenticeship before taking their Highers, and these degree-level apprenticeships develop their skills further in their chosen field. Graduate Apprenticeships are more than just about getting a better job. They are about driving economic growth in Scotland.  

What is a Scottish Graduate Apprenticeship?

Scottish Graduate Apprenticeships are the most advanced level of apprenticeships in Scotland. Graduate Apprenticeships are designed to give undergraduate students experience of the world of work, at the same time as taking a degree. There are benefits for both apprentices and employers. Apprentices can achieve the highest level of professional qualification, as well as earning a salary. Businesses have access to a pipeline of talented individuals that they know have the specialised skills to do well in their organisation.

There are Graduate Apprenticeship opportunities in an increasing number of Scottish universities and colleges. Subject areas cover sectors such as Construction and Business, Civil Engineering and Cyber Security.  

What do I need to apply for a Scottish Graduate Apprenticeship?

Entry requirements for a Graduate Apprenticeship are similar to those for an undergraduate degree, and will vary by course and institution. However, you will need to be resident in Scotland in order to apply, and have the right to live and work in Scotland too.

Funding for Graduate Apprenticeships is available from Student Awards Agency Scotland

How old do I have to be?

You can apply for a Graduate Apprenticeship if you are aged 16 and there is no upper limit. Some courses may be restricted to applicants over 18 because of health and safety requirements.  

How many Graduate Apprenticeships are available?

At the latest count there were Graduate Apprenticeships available in 11 different subjects (Apprenticeships.Scot), including Accountancy, Civil Engineering, Business Management, Construction and the Built Environment and Data Science. Scottish universities and colleges and the Scottish government are working together to increase access to Graduate Apprenticeships in Scotland.

How will a Graduate Apprenticeship develop my career?

Apprentices on a Graduate Apprenticeship put their academic learning into practice in real working situations and environments. These courses are unique to Scotland, so graduates will have a head start when it comes to entering the world of work right across the UK.

Apprentices get the best of both worlds – the ability to earn a salary and gain industry-recognised qualifications, while also being able to study, live and socialise on campus. Most of your time will be spent in the workplace, but there will still be time to have a ‘university experience’.

How do I apply for a Graduate Apprenticeship in Scotland?

If you would like to get a head start in your career with a Graduate Apprenticeship, and you live in Scotland, visit the Apprenticeships.scot website for more details, case studies and to search for vacancies.

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