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What happens If I fail my apprenticeship?

It is possible to fail your apprenticeship.

Towards the end of an apprenticeship programme apprentices take an End-point assessment (EPA). This is an independent assessment of whether the apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours expected by the employer and training provider. If you fail the EPA there are a number of options available to you.

There might be other reasons why apprentices do not complete their apprenticeship.

Why might someone fail an apprenticeship?     

These are some reasons for failing an apprenticeship:

  • Fail the EPA
  • Dismissal
  • Early termination

These mean that you will come away from the apprenticeship with the skills and experience but not the qualification.

Can you retake your EPA?

Yes, you will be allowed to resit or retake the end point assessment. If a retake of the EPA is recommended, your employer and training provider should work together with your EPAO (end point assessment organisation) to provide an action plan that supports you in preparation for the retake. It is a good idea to request a new date for the EPA retake as early as possible.

You should only have to resit the components that were failed in the original EPA, not every module. The cost of the retake is met by your employer.

Tips for retaking your EPA

If you are going to resit your EPA, it is important to prepare thoroughly for it. These are some of the things to consider:

  • Set a timeline for yourself to prepare
  • Review what went wrong with the original EPA
  • Look at your guidance again
  • Arrange study leave with your employer
  • Don’t panic going into your resit

Being dismissed from an apprenticeship

It is possible to be dismissed from an apprenticeship, but dismissals must be carried out in a manner that is legally valid.

If the apprentice does not meet the required competencies and standards required by the employer, the employer can lawfully terminate the agreement with the apprentice. Fixed-term apprenticeships may require the employer to pay the apprentice’s salary for the whole term, unless there is a clause in the contract regarding early termination.

The apprentice also has the right to terminate the apprenticeship. Like with any job, there will be a notice period, but if it is the apprentice’s decision to end the apprenticeship early they will not be paid for the remainder of the programme.

Do I have to pay back any money if I fail my apprenticeship?

No. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay back any funds that may be owed to the training provider. Even if it was the apprentice’s decision to terminate the apprenticeship, they will not be liable for any costs arising from the failed apprenticeship. If you are asked to pay any money by your employer or training provider, they are not entitled to do so.

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