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Green Living

Activity Name: 

Green Living

Activity Descriptor:

Green Living is a team activity looking at the impact of housing developments on the environment and the community.

Participants design and produce a model layout of a sustainable mixed housing development as well as producing a tender document and a presentation of their ideas.

Activity Aims:

To encourage participants to consider some of the key themes involved in sustainable design, as well as introducing participants to some of the professional and management careers in construction.

There is emphasis on teamwork, time management, finance and presentation skills. 

Audience (Recommended Age):

  • Age 11- adult
  • Activity  can be adapted for younger audiences
Green Living

Group Size: Participants should work in groups of 4 – 6 people. 

The overall group size is restricted by the amount of time needed for each group to give a 2 minute presentation.

Further Information: For full details on the activity please see the Activity Cover Sheet which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources Required
  • Curriculum /Sector/Employability Skills Links
  • Extension Activities
  • Suggested Timetable

Document Downloads

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Green Living - All Documents
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Download all documents for the Green Living activity.

DOWNLOAD - Green Living - All Documents
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