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Programme of Works

Activity Name:
Programme of Works

Activity Descriptor:
Participants act as a planning team of a construction company about to build a new school.  It is their role to ensure all the construction tasks are completed at the right time so that the building is completed within the 47 week schedule. Using the set of Task Cards provided participants are asked to arrange the cards in a sequential order starting with the 1st task undertaken on site and finishing with the final task prior to client handover. 

Activity Aims: To get participants working in small teams and thinking logically about the project planning and timescales associated with a construction project.

Audience (Recommended Age): Age 15 -adult

Group Size:

  • Participants should work in small groups/teams of 2 -6 people but overall group size is unrestricted
  • Remember that the overall size of the group/audience involved may affect timing
Programme of works

Further Information: For full details on the activity please refer to the Activity Lead Delivery Notes which provides information on:

  • Preparation and Resources required
  • Curriculum /Sector/Employability Skills links
  • Extension Activities
  • Suggested Timetable

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