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Get started in construction

With so many ways to enter a career in construction, it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together some information on the main routes into the industry, to help you figure out which is right for you.

Frequently asked questions

A good way to get into construction is by approaching employers for work experience. This will help you to try out different types of roles and see which one is right for you. You could then enroll on an educational training course, traineeship or an apprenticeship to gain more skills and knowledge to help you get a foot in the door for a career in construction. Alternatively, you could apply to become a general construction operative to gain experience on the job and work your way up into a field that suits you.

Have a think about the types of roles that interest you and find out whether you need specific qualifications in order to start working in these areas. If there’s a job you’d like to do, consider completing some relevant training to help you apply, or enroll onto apprenticeship so you can learn on the job.

The construction industry offers something for everyone, regardless of the qualifications you have. There are some entry-level roles that don’t require any qualifications at all. For others, you may need to have completed a relevant college course, degree or apprenticeship in order to apply. Each job role will have different requirements and entry routes.

It’s no harder to get into construction than any other industry. And, just as with any industry, it takes time and effort to progress and find your feet. The more experience you gain, the easier it will be to do your job and move into other roles. Start by researching the different roles in the industry and finding out which qualifications or skills are needed to apply for those you could see yourself doing.

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